Mindfulness introduction session evening- free to join!

23 February 2024

Have you wondered about mindfulness and meditation? Heard about the benefits for health – such as feeling less stressed, calmer in the mind? Perhaps you feel it is time to try some mindfulness, learn more about ‘how to do it’ and you can start a practice? This evening is for curious beginners.

Learn about what mindfulness is…how we can all learn and train our attention to be ‘more present’ and we learn to be more aware. The practices of mindfulness meditation are ancient, and many people around the globe ‘do meditate’.  To calm mind & body, soothe the nervous system, have practices to help you reduce stress and anxiety levels. We can train the mind to be more aware and awake for what is here now. So we can liberate some thinking patterns. We learn to create heatlhier habits of thinking. Make a bit of time, finding some calm in our frantic lives is a real gift.

To take part, please email: joycemindfulness@gmail.com

Date: Monday 26 Feb 2024, 7.10 pm – 8.50 pm

Location: Haddington, 1 Court St, Haddington EH41 3JD, UK

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