Fearless is a new national domestic abuse service for survivors of domestic abuse in Scotland. Fearless is a partnership between Sacro, Shakti Women’s Aid, Respect UK, and LGBT Youth Scotland, and provides support to individuals who are less likely to engage with domestic abuse support services. This includes survivors from the black and ethnic minority community, LGBT people and male survivors. Anyone over 16 years old can access the service.
Fearless is a national service, and will work with survivors of domestic abuse over 16 years old of all races, religions, beliefs, abilities, gender identities, sexes or sexual orientations.

Fearless offers non-judgmental, one-to-one support for individuals experiencing domestic abuse.  The service will offer practical support for survivors to access a range of services and will support appropriate inclusion within communities. A dedicated case worker will work with any person referred to the service and all support will be individually tailored to suit the person’s own needs. Workers will offer mentoring and support in areas such as:
• healthcare,
• housing,
• emotional support,
• practical support,
• safety planning,
• addictions
• and assistance to access appropriate benefits.
Referrals, whether from individuals or agencies, can be made through: www.fearless.scot