Sight ScotlandSight Scotland’s Family Wellbeing Service will provide practical and emotional support to not only the individuals with a visual impairment but everyone affected by an individual’s visual impairment, including their family, friends and carers.

These services will be accessible to all, with person-centred interventions delivered digitally, by telephone initially.

Our own research highlighted that those who have experienced sight loss had a loss of confidence, diminished self-esteem and an inability to undertake activities they had previously been able to engage in.

In addition, the findings highlighted that families of those with sight loss have huge concerns about how best to support their loved ones and lack support themselves in coping, particularly at first diagnosis.

Initial services will be targeted across the Lothian areas to include:

  • telephone and online support service offering advice on practical support, signposting to our own and other relevant support services.
  • befriending service to reduce social isolation for individuals, their friends and family. This service will be available face to face or over the phone
  • home visits when possible from Sight Scotland staff to help implement practical ways to support individuals with a visual impairment and provide emotional support.
  • a collection of online videos which families can access to include increasing knowledge of sight loss, practical strategies to improve independent living skills and advice on how to access and use assistive equipment and technology.

Phone: 0131 446 3103