Wavelength give televisions, radios, and tablets to people who can’t afford them, to help fight loneliness.

The people they support are lonely because of age, illness or disability, or by circumstances which make it hard for them to leave the house or meet new people. Wavelength works with domestic violence refuges, young people leaving care, homeless hostels, hospital wards, and day care centres.

Wavelength have been working with the University of York since 2015 to assess their impact. The first stage of their research released in 2016, showed that WaveLength’s gift of technology:

  • Provides comfort and companionship, alleviating loneliness and the negative emotions that come with it
  • Reduces social isolation, bringing people into contact with others and helping to build social connections
  • Grants access to information and inspiration, from advice on emotional wellbeing and mental health to details of social opportunities or job vacancies.

How Do I Apply?
To apply for a piece of technology, you can visit www.wavelength.org.uk/apply-for-help/ to download an application form.

To qualify for WaveLength’s help, people must be referred by a third party, known as a referrer. This can be a friend or neighbour, social worker, care worker, medical worker, housing officer, charity worker, volunteer, a member of a religious or community organisation.