Self-harming or self-injury is the act of hurting yourself on purpose as form of dealing with emotional difficulties.

Here you can find organisations, factsheets, tips and information, worksheets, organisations,  videos,apps and available services in East Lothian which can help you understand self-injury and how to manage it.

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These factsheets will help you understand what self-harm is, what causes it and what support is available.

The Self Harm Network Scotland from Penumbra

Factsheet on self-harm from Re-think Mental Illness

Factsheet on cutting and self-harm from Help Guide

Tips and information

Here you will find tips and information to help manage urges to self-harm and find ways to boost improve your wellbeing.

‘The truth about self-harm’ from the Mental Health Foundation

Steps to stop self-harming from the Mix

Self-harm coping tips and distractions from the Mix

15 things to do instead of self-harming from Psychology Today

Distractions and alternative from Self-Injury Support

Experience-led self-help resources from Self-Injury Support


Here are some worksheets and activities you can try in your own time.

Reducing self-harm worksheet from Students Against Depression

Organisations and services

Here is a list of UK wide organisations related to self-harm:

Self-Injury Support

Self-harm UK

If you are looking for local support, please go to our service directory to find out what services and projects are available to you.

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Improve your wellbeing

If you’re experiencing low mood, anxiety, or stress in your life, looking into self-help activities and ideas might be the right option for you.