Trauma is the term used to describe going through extremely stressful, frightful, or upsetting experiences. When we discuss psychological or emotional trauma, we may mean the situations or experiences that we deem distressing and how they influence us. 

People of any age can be affected by traumatic experiences, with everyone experiencing trauma in a different way. It can have long lasting effects and some people can see of the effects of their trauma right away or not for a very long time. 

Here you can find factsheets, tips and information, apps, organisation and services explaining what trauma is and how it affects your mental health, including how you can help yourself and where to get support. 

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Here you will find tips and information designed for those suffering with trauma, and how to improve your mental health and wellbeing.  

Trauma, Dissociation and Immobility from NoPanic 

Trauma from Mental Health Foundation 

A guide to understanding and managing trauma from MindMate

Understanding child brain development from NSPCC Learning 

What Is Trauma? Types, Stages, and Treatment from Verywell Health 

An NHS Self-help guide to understanding Trauma from Wellbeing Lothian 

Support Helplines

Here is a list of UK wide helplines related to trauma.

Victim Support Scotland (for victims of crime)

NAPAC (support and signposting around childhood abuse)

Rape Crisis Scotland (for people who have experienced sexual abuse/assault/rape at any point in their lives)

Scottish Women’s Aid (for all things domestic abuse)

Veterans Gateway (for veterans and a dedicated combat stress phoneline)

Birth Trauma Association (for information and support around birth trauma)

Cruse Scotland (for bereavement support)

Organisations and services

Here is a list of UK wide organisations related to Trauma –

Trauma Recovery UK 

ASSIST Trauma Care 


Birth Trauma Association




If you are looking for local support, please go to our service directory to find out what services and projects are available to you – Eastspace service directory

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