Support using digital during Covid-19

Here are some resources to help you or someone you know access information and support during this time.

Information and support

ACE IT has created a wide range of helpsheets on topics such as:

You can access the full list of helpsheets on their website –

Connecting Scotland aims to support every person in Scotland to get online. It has some tips for citizens as well as resources for organisations

An illustration of a mobile phone with a person in the screen holding up a megaphone. There is a person on their phone and leaning against the main image. Another person, is standing next to it holding a laptop. There are social media icons surrounding the image: heart, thumbs up and a message icon.

People Know How can provide laptops to community groups including Community Councils in East Lothian.

Age UK has created digital step-by-step guides for older people. Topics covered include keeping in touch with friends and family, online shopping and banking, and tips to help you feel confident and stay safe online. This information can help you if you are already online but want to boost your confidence.

Access the Age UK guides here –

Ability Net has an online library of free resources include factsheets, webinars and guides to help you get the most from your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Learn more here –

Compare the Market (commercial website) have created a guide to screen addictions and responsible digital use.

Learn more here –

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