“Shed your armour, show the scars” by See Me Scotland and Feniks

04 October 2022

The project “Shed your armour, show the scars”, was launched this week. It was created by Polish Community Ambassadors under the leadership of See Me Scotland and Feniks, and is a gauntlet thrown at the widespread phenomenon of mental health discrimination.

Armour, the campaign’s central theme, represents an emotional shield that protects men from various aspects of social judgement.

Consequently, the project calls for shedding armour and exposing one’s scars, symbolizing their harrowing experiences. It aims to encourage men, and their significant others, to speak up about their struggles and to actively pursue support.

It also calls on men who have overcome the challenges regarding ill psychological health to inspire others by sharing their experiences. 

More information about the campaign can be found here

Please find a Digital Media Toolkit in English and Polish language versions below. It provides helpful information about the project and examples of content that can be used across social media platforms. 

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