Carers Week with Gemma from Carers of East Lothian

During carers week we wanted to shine a spotlight on a service that provides support to carers within East Lothian and we reached out to Gemma from Carers of East Lothian to hear about the work they do and how they keep themselves well.

Do you live and/or work in East Lothian and want to share your own experiences of mental health and wellbeing and the different ways keep you well?

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Carers of East Lothian supports all adults in a caring situation in East Lothian to get information and services to help their individual caring role, enhance their own wellbeing, and strengthen their collective voice to improve services. CoEL offer a range of support.

I am the Volunteer and Training Coordinator. I support CoEL’s wonderful volunteers, many of whom are carers or former carers. I also organise a programme of events and training for carers and deliver training for professionals.  

The contribution unpaid carers make to society is enormous. It is estimated that unpaid care saves the Scottish economy more than £10.8 billion per year. Caring can be a rewarding experience, but it can also be very tough. Caring can have an impact on relationships, work, finances and carers own physical and mental health. CoEL work so hard to help carers identify themselves as early as possible so that they can access the support that they are entitled to. The help that CoEL provide improves the lives of carers. Being part of making carers lives easier is very rewarding for me. 

To look after my mental health I do yoga, I enjoy time in the beautiful East Lothian countryside and I bake bread as often as I can. 

Find out more about CoEL and the support they offer.

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